Kickin’ Off the New Year with a New Time Lapse

Kickin’ Off the New Year with a New Time Lapse

Happy New Year y’all!

I’ve been busy moving into my new studio, and prepping for my new few shows. Which of course includes a few new pieces…. Please check out my Micro Pig Collection! These little porkers are available for individual or multiple purchase. Please email me if you would like more information on purchasing one.

Anyway, Here are the Micro Pigs!

Have trouble viewing the video? Please click here to watch the video without music.

I’ll be painting these little guys up this week and packing for the Naples New Year Show – This Saturday-Sunday 10-5, on 5th Avenue :) Come out for a visit if you can! I’ll be close to the intersection of 9th avenue.

I’ve also been bad about posting to my blog with all the craziness going on. But, I have a ton of photos of the new studio.  So… stay posted for photos of the studio, and some painted porkies :)

Here are some stills of the Micro Pigs before their firing…

Thanks for checking in! Pop back soon for more updates!


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